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Originally Posted by LadyMacbeth View Post
Offline for a few days with the holidays and very fun discussion! Thought to clarify some attachment related points. First, attachment theory in adults is a thorough field of study, only by other authors (eg Allen Schore, Dale Fonagey, Dan Siegel, and others) although it is not a universal carryover from early work on attachment by Bowlby, etc. The neurobiology of attachment is a study of how this relates to brain functioning and is very cool stuff, a google search on "mirror neurons" turns up lots of fantastic and interesting reading about the interconnection of humans, adults, and how connection can be neurologically "mapped."
wow, thanks for this LadyM, great stuff I will be sure to read... it seems to go along with what I have been trying to say. Perhaps I can get my words figured out better as a result of doing some more reading on this.
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