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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
If I were to "strongly desire" something (or someone) I would be accepting the possibility that it might not appear. I would "own" that desire and take full responsibility for my action/reaction to it's absence by either dropping the desire as unrealistic or unachievable or maybe modifying it accordingly.

If I believed that something was a "need", I would be acknowledging that in it's absence, my actual survival/existence would be threatened. It was such a critical part of me that I would cease to function with it missing.
The "accepting that it might not appear" and "owning" desire in terms of full responsibility part totally works for me and is what I have been trying to talk about. I can agree to this for sure. I don't "need" in terms of survival. I "need" in terms of choosing to better my life by having certain people in it. I will survive without them and can find others, but I have chosen them and they have chosen me because we want to work on our lives together. In this way I can agree to "strongly desire."
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