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Things are going well.
The new poly group is going very well.
We've agreed to an every other Saturday coffee meet up and so far that has been AMAZING. 20 people roughly.

Today was bizarre.
I created an event for New Years a few days ago.
Today I got back on the event to update "location".
It CLEARLY identifies me (by full name and picture of my face) as the person organizing the event.

The drama queen is the first (and only until this evening) person who had RSVP'd.
I'm thinking-seriously? You can't even get motivated to answer a text or deal with me face to face-but you want to come to the event I am creating/organizing?

Rolled my eyes.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not going to stop her. I just find it ironic that she's continued bad-mouthing me, had a text temper tantrum with Maca (which I learned about today) over how my being in the poly community in Alaska has "forced her out". He told her she was full of shit-that I had never tried to force her out (in fact I created my own group so that I wouldn't be intruding on her poly-social group). She told him she had written up a "pissed off email" to me (regarding her not wanting me to be involved in the poly community here). Evidently he fairly rudely let her know she needed to fuck off.

At this point, I'm just watching with eyebrow raised.
As everyone suggested, I have just gotten involved and met people-and it's been a blast. Almost everyone I've met is new (as in, joined in the last 3 months new). So it's not even her group of "friends". There are a handful she knows.

One of the ones she knows, is the lady I met at the Pride Conference. She was the one who asked me to re-join the Poly Meet-up group in the first place.
Anyway, she and I are enjoying getting to know each other. She's been completely respectful of my VERY SLOW MOVING-albeit not secretive about the fact that she's interested in me.
She has made a point of meeting and talking with Maca and GG, as well. Something that I find endearing.

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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