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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Polyfi works.

But-speak the language of the listener. They arent poly.

So- 'mom, dad, joe , jane etc;
I am a person who is in love with two people. They both l ove me and we are creating a family together. We would love to have your hoessing and continued meaninful participation in our lives. If you have any questions we are willing to talk of course. But-I really hope you will read this book *hand them book* which succinctly describes what it means to be in love more than one person. Name of book: loving more II by deborah anapol.
This, totally. You will be talking to people who, as far as you know, are completely unaware of poly relationships. Using terminology they are not familiar with will only make the discussion feel exclusive to them. People are able to understand dynamics a whole lot easier than they are able to retain a vocabulary lesson. Keep it simple. "I love X and I love Y. We are happy and secure and hope we can have your love and understanding." Give them time to process that and they will have questions that you can answer when they are ready to process the answers.

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