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Update for anyone interested. This past Sunday I returned from spending 9 days with my friend. It was the absolutely most amazing time. Truly amazing. We hit it off from the second we embraced for the first time. The sex was absolutely mind blowing and doing the tourist bit was fun. We were pretty much acting like a couple the whole time. Being with her was awesome. All the worries about not hitting it off went out the door in an instant. We were great lovers and great friends.

Now I find myself at a real crossroads. It's sad that there is so much distance between us yet at the same time who knows how it would be if we spend more time together. It's clear I'm more emotionally vested in the relationship than she is. She's a very hot and cold and at times seems to be really good at "turning off" her feelings. At least for a while.

In the end the only thing we can ever have is a friendship and a long-distance one at that. We have plans for the future but like I said, she's hot and cold and some days she's sure about them and some days she right down says they will never happen.

I don't quite know what I'm feeling right now. I'm missing her like crazy, I'm scared for continuing falling for her, but I also know I can't quite quit her. I also wonder how much of what I'm feeling still has to do with my divorce and actually having "someone" again if only for a few days.

Luckily I have plenty of travelling plans for the next few months. It should give me time to process everything and find an equilibrium. Thanks to everyone that has read this and adviced me!
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