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Thanks, GG.

[aside: When we first came to California, many moons ago, my mother was horrified to find the freeway signs in San Francisco pointed to the 'GG Bridge.' She just thought it sacrilegious or something]

If that man's lips are moving, he's lying, pretty much. But I think he doesn't actually tell himself the whole truth. We haven't been the three of us together since this happened. We've had a few times scheduled, and he (CBF) has managed to flake out of them one way or another (usually by getting drunk and 'missing' or 'forgetting'). So, I think he's a bit reluctant to face the reality, while the world he's constructed in his mind, intellectually, is positive and works well for him.

I did, just now, have a conversation with him about it. He was talking about inviting FBF to family thing. I said, 'well, FBF has invited me for xmas, there' And with no hesitation, and all enthusiasm, he said 'that's wonderful, hunny.'

I actually won't know till tomorrow if & what times I can get out of work.
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...
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