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Default holiday - vee - ackkkkk

So. Every year, CBF's family does this huge xmas eve deal with another family. They've been having the same meal for a generation now, and there's new little ones in the tradition. Same fabulous meal year after year. (his mom is a gourmet cook) I've been going to it since we started dating (7 years?ish)(I don't tell time well).

We were told it was 'cancelled' this year, because there is a competing family event; but she got some of the stuff for the dinner anyway (other event is unpredictable).

FBF has invited me to spend a fabulous xmas with him (romantic hotel, etc).

I am now all torn up about this. I did tell FBF I was worried about CBF being alone. He asked if we should spend xmas with CBF. I love them.

I think CBF will tell me to go anyhow, I don't think he tells me how he really feels about, well, anything.

Any thoughts, support, advice? I feel foolish for asking, even, but y'all have smarts about this stuff, and you are my support. I'm not even really sure what my question is.

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