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Bumping up on the limitations of LDR is just reality of being in an LDR. You only see the LDR boyfriend twice a year for a month at a time. That doesn't give you much time to have relationship IN if you are not supplementing with other things to keep in touch.

Where this new BF is local and you have plenty of time to spend with him and cultivate the relationship in.

What this means for you and LDR BF I do not know. You could make more effort so you are more able to spend time together (phone? skype? snail mail? email? other?) and grow/tend the relationship in those ways as well as face time. Could also wait and see once the NRE for the new BF chills out and is back to earth and not in pink fluffy lala clouds you can take a more realistic measure of the health of LDR BF relationship in its own right -- rather than comparing it to NRE "whee!" type feelings from your other relationship.

You are also finding that you have more in common with the new BF than you did with the old BF -- you list things like culture clash, family backgrounds, etc. That is what dating is FOR. To get to be with many people and see what things are like dating them and find the partner(s) that are most compatible.

Take time to think out what you want for yourself from your romances at 21 years old. Then decide how to best spend your time for the greatest return on your emotional/time investment.

If you come to find you are no longer in love with him because you need more than LDR can provide, tell him so. Be honest, agree to be friends instead if the LDR situation limit cannot be changed.


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