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Default Where to start or rather what to include?

I'm dating. There has been a flurry of first dates, some second dates, and some second dates coming up. I'm finding that I'm okay with the different levels and styles of relationships they each offer. I think I'd be happiest with one person that had a lot of availability, but that may not be realistic, so I'm entertaining the idea of dating a number of people. Out of that maybe I'll find someone I can really bond with, but I'm not going to pass by some that might be more superficial.

Last week I had first dates on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. Friday I met someone I am interested in, but it was at a munch, and doesn't technically qualify as a first date, IMO.

Last night I had a second date the Thursday guy. I started off by texting him yesterday morning saying that I didn't think it was going to work between us. He was devastated and wanted to know why. Basically, it came down to the kiss he gave me at the end of our date Thursday. I was in fear of sustaining a blood blister on the inside of my bottom lip. Yeah, mull that one over. WTF! If he could do that to a lip I'd hate to think what he could do to my poor clit, the center of my universe. He was contrite (I didn't share the real fear that my clit may be in mortal danger if I were to ever have "intimate relations" with him) and promised he was just trying to show his ardor and got a bit carried away. I relented. We agreed to meet at 7 PM, grab a bite to eat and then go to a CD release party. He texted me at 7 PM and said he'd be there by 7:30. Upon arrival he let me know that he'd eaten dinner already. Hmm. One text that covered both time and dining and he didn't read it thoroughly? Sent the Dear John text today.

Next Monday I have a second date with a guy that I'm kind of excited about. Dating him will probably bring social activities, dining out, going to events, and sex. I think it'll stay at that level and while we'll become close it won't ever be in danger of him wanting more than I can give him.

The munch guy, WP, is the one I'm really looking forward to seeing. He's been a ton of fun to IM with and there's quite a bit of chemistry it seems between us if our brief meeting at the munch with spouses in attendance and friends all around was anything to go by. Oh, man. He just sent me an IM...STI test results are back, all clear. Tummy flip flops. Conflicting schedules leave us uncertain when we'll be able to get together. With WP, it'll be more of a D/s relationship. I'm terribly attracted to him. He's not a sadist and that excites me. I get enough of that with Twitch.

Sunday's guy was better than I had anticipated. Isn't that nice? Unexpected for sure. Scheduling a time to see him or anyone over the holidays is hard, but I think we'll see each other right after Christmas.

I don't know if I've mentioned my D.C. guy. Things are building there, but it has it's limitations due to being a LDR. I'm flying out there over MLK weekend - trip number two. We're in pretty steady contact, so despite the distance things have been building.

There are several guys I've put off setting a date and time to meet for now. I need to remember what my friend tells me, "time and energy".
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