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Things seem to have crashed and burned again.

I started seeing a therapist, but one week after our first appointment, my dad died. I was very close to him and was taking care of him and now my life is completely upside down and I am back to struggling with both relationships.

I had a question about one of my relationships- I need to get some objective opinions on this. My boyfriend and his potential new girlfriend were supposed to meet for the first time this Friday, Dec. 17th, and spend the weekend together. They'd met online, just as he and I did 3 and a half years ago. I have been struggling with this since it started a couple of months ago. But losing my dad last week made it all worse. I'm not ok with him starting a new relationship, and I've tried to tell him that. I'm especially not ok right now with losing my dad and facing a divorce.

Is it wrong for me to think that this is not a good time for him to start a new relationship? Is it wrong for me to wish he'd at very least put off meeting her a month or so till he could help me work through my grief or is that too much to ask of him? I feel like, if he loved me like he says he does, that he'd be more concerned about me and how hard a time I'm having right now than in starting a new relationship, but I'm afraid they're already in NRE mode and I'm...already being pushed aside and it hurts terribly.
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