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What's this "sexual aversion?" Where is it coming from? Did he hurt your feelings?

Are you burnt out from school and trying to keep this relationship going long distance?

Where did your lust and desire go?

OTOH, men and their "performance..." Unless you're a Top and must wield that tool, can't you use your hands and mouth? Do you 3 get it on all together? Don't you get hard for/with the other partner?

I don't do 3ways much with my 2 partners, but when we do, we are all aroused in a big jumble. (I am a cis gendered female, my gf is a pre-op transwoman and our bf is cis gendered male. They both get hard from all the kissing and touching and so on when we're all getting it on.)

Hopefully things will get better when you're back home and things can flow and be fun and romantic and hot in 3D real time! Maybe you don't need therapy just yet, just to relax and have some fun reconnecting. Camming and trying to show off for the camera can seem artificial perhaps if that's all you've had lately.
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