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I know people are not perfect. I know they make mistakes in all ways including with their judgement. I know that even before they make whatever mistakes they are bound to make. I don't only care for the people in my life when they take my advise and take that care away when they don't. If I can no longer be there for them when they say they need me, I perceive that as the end of the relationship. I don't continue on acting as though I still have a loving relationship with them out of respect for myself, them and for the relationship we had.

I feel we are never an "I" when speaking of our relationships no matter how many relationships are going on. Its not even just a poly thing. Its a life thing. I've never had only one relationship even before poly.

Consider: the relationship of me as a mother with my son. I guarantee he is going to make mistakes. Even ones I warn him will end up being mistakes. In this context, does it make what I'm saying a little clearer?
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