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Default Triangles? Try Quandrangles....

So my life is more than a bit confusing. I've always been poly. I am a bi-sexual woman who loves a bit too easily. I have only been in one true poly relationship, a three way in high school with my boyfriend and his sexy ex girlfriend (she would have been a total unicorn, except that I value brains and she.... Not exactly mentally or emotionally deep). I'm married now to a man I fell deeply in love with but he's more than a lot monogamous. He's the kind who isn't even turned on by other chicks anymore, which sucks. He tries to understand, and even let me have a threesome with my hot bi friend (who I refuse to fall in love with but who I could, if I let myself, because she's amazing and beautiful inside and out and strong and so broken and yeah...), but I don't see a repeat performance in my future, and I don't think I'll ever be able to get him to be okay with involving a guy. It's hard, not being fully myself, but I get by with the help of being in love and with lots of flirting (allowed by the husband) with my friend, her boyfriend, and one other hot bi friend of mine. It's an interesting life.
I'm mostly looking for a place can go and not be gross or wrong or weird for wanting to spend my life with more than one person forever.
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