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Exclamation Three men unique situation

Hey, I just joined this forum to seek out some advice. I am a late 20s man who's been in a polyamorous relationship with two men for the last 3 years, they were together for 7 years before I came into the picture. We have no remaining issues around jealousy or trust (it takes a while and a lot of communication to get there). In it's simplest form, here is my problem:

I love both of them very much and feel very strongly about each of them. However, in the last year, I have been feeling physically disconnected from one of my partners. I'm a psych student and the closest thing I've come up with so far is that I am experiencing a type of sexual aversion disorder specific to one partner but not the other. There's a lot more to this problem which I can elaborate on but everyday I am riddled with frustration and anxiety about this because I really love this relationship and both men however, if this can't be resolved I will have no choice but to leave. This is very specific but if there's anyone who has gone through this please help me out

Note: Please do not respond if the message is suggesting that I am just not into one of them as this problem has only emerged recently. Also, I am in lov e with both of them. This post is about saving the relationship, not leaving it

Thanks a lot!
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