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Hello to all.

My husband and I have just adjusted our relationship to be moderately open. We don't want any full sexual experiences without both of us present, but we are having "outside the pants" fun whenever we want. We've been together for three years, married for two. We went through a rough patch recently that ended up making our relationship stronger and more honest. Part of that honesty turned out to be that we were both interested in a degree of polyamory, but never brought it up because we thought the other would object.

It has been about a month since we decided to experiment with our relationship. Things have been going pretty well. We're ironing out a few details about what we are truly comfortable with and where the boundaries are, but we've both been really understanding and supportive of each other through the process.

I suppose my purpose in coming here is to find people I can talk to and get advice from. We are friends with a few couples who have open relationships, but there are just things you can't ask people who are intimately involved in your circle of friends. So I'm hoping to find a few good friends here to help guide us on our way.
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