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Must admit I've put this on my playlist.. I found this song with the intro, it makes more sense with it :-p...
Coolzey - Want it the Most [Official Music Video]

I'd like to get the complete lyrics for this, but he seems to be like my brother; he doesn't put up his own lyrics, and because he seems to be relatively unknown, no one else has either. Even with the lyrics though, I'm sure there's a lot of things that I wouldn't understand; he's heavy on metaphors, both in his words and his video.

I definitely think there are suggestions of polyamory in the video. Or rather, a monogamous minded man who's finding that monogamy isn't doing him any good here. The ending suggests this too; that instead of thinking of this other guy (was it his brother or was he just being paranoid?) as his rival, he'd be much better off trying to make him his friend.

Ultimately, I see people as linked to each other; if you like Lisa, and get along with Lisa's friend Tom, then you have a link of sorts, however tenuous, with Lisa. Similarly, by trying to mess with Tom in order to get (or get back) Lisa, you are quite possibly destroying your only (remaining) link with Lisa.
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