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Originally Posted by AlixDomme View Post
Yes i can see that. And maybe my reason for wanting to date ppl is for more people to make me feel good about myself/appreciated/needed.

Sick and twisted maybe but that's reality for me.
Not sick and twisted, just not conducive to a healthy poly relationship.

What are normal reasons for wanting more than one person? Why isnt one person good enough?
Dont know about anyone else but I'm not sure I could actually answer that.

Aside from that, two problems;

First, "normal" is a HIGHLY relative term. Outside of the aforementioned statistical context I dont know that it has any real meaning because its such a variable term.

Second, the "not good enough" plus the other comments suggest you really aren't ready for a poly relationship. Its not about one person not being good enough.

It may be that you just aren't poly. You do seem to have some self-esteem issues. I'd recommend working through those first before trying to have a relationship with multiple partners. I also highly recommend "Polyamory in the 21st Century" by Deborah Anapol, very good and very comprehensive look by a professional therapist and long-time poly person at the concept.
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