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Originally Posted by AlixDomme View Post
But I am insanely jealous and worry I will lose him to someone better or with a better body and my fear of these things or that he is happy w someone else or I am not good enough for him eats at me.
You do realize that this can happen in more traditional relationships too. People cheat in "monogamous" relationships. You and your insecurities are the problem.

I still despise a lot about poly. For instance, I feel like poly men are all about notches on bedposts. I want to mean something to someone. I want someone to NEED me. I dont want to feel like I'm just another replacable lover. I despise the thought of stds. I hate that people think I am "easy" if I'm poly. Or that it's all about sex.
If this is the type of man you keep running into I would say your picker is broken and you need to figure out why these types of men keep coming into your life because the common denominator is you.

Even though I am sexually experimental and into bdsm I still feel like a "good girl". I will never be a self-proclaimed slut. My virtue is important to me. I can count the number of ppl I've slept w on my fingers and I'm proud of that.
Again the problem is YOU and your worries about what others think of you. You need to gain your self worth/esteem from within. What others think about you have no bearing on who you are.

What can I do?
My advice would be a good therapist who clicks with you.
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