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Originally Posted by Arrowbound View Post
That wasn't poly; he was cheating on you. Ethical non-monogamy and cheating are not one and the same and never will be.

As for you wanting him to himself, slow down. You're caught up right now, in emotions and flooding and good feels. When you can examine it more closely out of the lovey haze it'll be easier to see how that can't coincide unless he agrees to end his other relationship and move out. At this point y'all are not on the same page.

So while you may not wanna be criticized, no one here is about to tell you "Yeah! You go get your man girl!"

Won't happen. Don't expect it to. I would apologize for the lack of sugarcoating but believe me, it wouldn't help.
I didn't expect anyone to say "yeah, go get your man girl" but what I did think I would get was advice on how to become poly or how to know if poly can be right for you...but again...not to be critized. And I did get some good advice from some and do appreciate it....but as I've said before, I'm new at this and honestly don't know what I'm doing...and am always open to suggestions and advice from those that know more about it than I do.
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