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Deal with what? You do not specify.

Could it be...

1) The fact that nothing interests you in Dating land? That could happen single. What were your expectations there? What need is not being met? Is it reasonable/realistic?

2) Comparing your dating life to wife's dating life and feeling like she's more "successful than you" at it. So... why is it a competition with the wife? Who makes it thus? What's the expectation there? What need is not being met? Is it reasonable/realistic?

3) The fact that you have to schedule time with wife? What is the expectation there? Is it reasonable? Realistic?

It's hard to know what sort of support to try to give when I'm not sure what you are dealing with. Maybe a combo? Try to articulate better. What are you wants, needs, and limits? What needs are met/not met here?

I'm trying not to feel resentment or jealousy that she's having a lovely poly life, but this isn't really what I signed up for. I've talked to her about how I feel, but there's not a whole lot she can do. This sucks.
Stop trying to just "not have" the feelings you have.

You DO feel resentment. You DO feel jealousy. Alright. Accept this is what it is. What behavior ensues in these feelings? Can you change any behaviors to see if you feel better? Are you doing all page 5 things? Is she doing all page 6 things?

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