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Originally Posted by CattivaGattina View Post
So just a month ago you were even stating that if you moved out his way you wouldn't live with him, but get a place with your dog and cat.

Now you not only want to live that way but you want to move in with him in the hopes that he goes more for you than the person who he is with (who it doesn't sound like you have the most respect for with the comment of her being more than half his age).

If you don't want a polyamorus relationship don't have one. But don't try to trick someone who is in one to being monogamous with you.
Yes a month ago that was what I was thinking, but last week he asked me to move in with him and I have been giving it alot of thought.

I was asking for advice from the people on this board as I am much less experienced in the whole matter. I guess I didn't expect to be critized but to have been given advice.

I honestly don't know if I want poly...I've never done it...but have been considering that as well...and that's not something I can decide over night...I am trying to have an open mind throughout this whole new precess I am finding myself in...and have read a numerous amount of information and am still learning.

If I have offended anyone for seeking advice, then please except my apologies...that was not my intentions...but I do want to be with this guy and am still in hopes that someone will give me some advice rather then simply critizing me.
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