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This will be my last reply. In this reply, I am talking to everyone who has participated in this thread so far:

I stirred quite a few emotions when I wrote the words "core marriage issue". Emotions get stiirred when a core issue is pointed out. They don't get stirred when someone talks about an issue that does not exist. If someone talks about an issue that really doesn't exist, people hardly notice and quickly move on to something else. That did not happen here.

Obviously I pointed out something that not only exists in someone somewhere on this thread, but stirred a lot of emotions in most of the people who replied to me. Based on the replies I've received, there is obviously no opportunity to talk about this in a sincere way. The emotions are running too high for that. The simple act of me talking about it seems to continue to stir emotions.

I have no desire to stir emotions further. Doing so isn't helping anyone. I'm withdrawing from this thread. This will be my last reply. That means I will not reply to anyone else on this thread for any reason. I hope that will help calm everyone down. I would like to ask everyone who participates on this thread in the future to consider doing so in a calm sincere way.

Amk ( I hope I spelled your username right) stayed calm and sincere to others on this thread the entire time he was here. He was the one I was talking to when I used the term core marriage issue. I wasn't talking to anyone else, but my words stiirred everyone else. He was the one who came here for help, and he was the one who commented that things were getting out of control.

I see a lot of humor in that. It's funny. Human nature can be really funny.

I hope everyone decides to calm down and focus on amk if he comes back to the thread.

To Amk - Your last reply sounded like you were doing better than you were when you first posted. I hope this thread helped you (and helps you in the future if you come back), even though it got out of control.

To everyone on this thread - I wish you all health and happiness.

That's it for me.
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