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Default Recently Open, Looking for Support

I recently came to the realization I have always been poly. I am bisexual, and have never hidden that fact. All of my relationships before my husband were poly in one nature or another. He was my first truly mono relationship and I have been totally faithful. After 5 years together I told my husband. He was hurt, more that I hadn't told him sooner than this is who I am.

He agreed to allow me to act upon what I feel is my nature. We're ironing out the fine print of what we're okay with. He's fine with women, but prefers they not be in our bed or house for sexual reasons. Men are alright as long as there is no penile penetration. My rules for women for him are to use protection from beginning to end, not in our home/bed, and a shower when he gets home. He understands I want more than just sex, but a real relationship.

I just wanted to know how other people began the journey after the difficult talk. What do your relationships look like now? Have rules changed? Any advice or input is appreciated.
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