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Originally Posted by snowmelt View Post
I pointed out two sentences, written in your own words, that directly contradict each other. Your repsonse is to defend yourself. That tells me I have discovered an unresolved core issue between you and your wife. You isolate yourself from her when you feel the need to.
Feeling a need to isolate is not a core issue in and of itself, but I think you are way off-base about this, anyway, Snowmelt. I won't get into why, as I don't see an analysis of everything the OP wrote to prove my opinion as really necessary in this thread right now. But I have to say that harping on your viewpoint isn't going to convince the OP to see it your way. You've stated your perspective, now give it a rest and let him take or leave what he will and digest what he needs to digest. He is in a raw, emotional state and processing a lot. Geez.
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