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Originally Posted by snowmelt View Post
These two statements directly contradict each other. If the first statement is true, the second cannot be true. Why would you not want to talk to your wife (your self proclaimed best friend that you want to be your one and only) about something? Do you think that not talking to your wife about something is going to bring the two of you closer together?
I feel like you are over-simplifying this. There are things that I need to figure out that I don't necessarily want to bring up to my wife until I'm ready. Privacy of thoughts doesn't automatically mean poor communication. A great example is what happened the other night: I was in a self-induced tail spin and my wife got frustrated with my insistance on obsessing. In fact, she told me it scared her to see me like that (background: I'm usually very logical and grounded).

I already told her that what is on this site is for me, right now. When I'm ready, I will show her every post I've made from start to finish. Til then, this is where I get to be weak, scared, insecure, hurt and curious and in my mind, that's OK.
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