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Haha, yes, it took me a bit to connect the dots, but I met your hubby. I think it's my turn to email him... I look forward to being able to meet all of you at some point.

Thank you all three of you for bringing up another way that love is "met" - by giving. When 'R' and I first hooked up, I told him that what was true for me at the time, which was that I didn't need much from him, but needed the freedom to express my love. I have feelings for him that are very rare for me and feel very nervous about showering him with how much I feel.

I guess my need would be a sense of security to give as much love as I feel. The way I express love can sometimes be "loud" and I think this can be a lot for some people. Overwhelming? I wish this wasn't so.

Giving love is so much more fulfilling than receiving it. I honestly want to go around hugging everyone and connecting with them in a very "alive" way, which most people don't like, don't connect to, don't want, don't ??? I'm not sure.

GS, I like the distinction between love and connectedness. I could probably go the rest of my life without sex if I felt more connected to more people. (Ok, maybe). LOL

I often wonder if there is a connectedness need that I have - to spirit, to life - that I try to meet through relationships and don't succeed in doing this. I feel the most fulfilled, the most thrilled, the most in love when I share "spiritual" moments with a partner. But, I see so many couples around me that don't have that element in their relationships and wonder how they do it. It feels like something's lacking.
My heart is too big to fit into one person.
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