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I have noooooo clue why it is so important to my DH to have the quilt FLAT when we go to bed and it covers the corners. In the sleeping, it gets rolled around all crazy. But I don't argue. He wants his corners covered and flat, I deliver flat corners when we go to bed. It takes a second, and makes him feel honored, so I do it.

Granted I tell him he's nuts while I'm doing it, and he sits there grinning at me while I shake out the blanket and make sure it covers us both AND the bottom corners of the bed. It's become a ritual. I tell him he's nuts and he beams knowing I'm going to do the nutty thing anyway because I like him so.

Fair enough -- I have quirks he does to honor me. He doesn't get why on those either. He just does it.

We teach others how we want to be treated. We show each other we care in ways large and small. Each person is unique.

So YOU want a check in smiley face. I'm not into texting so I don't. But smiley? This is reasonable/realistic to execute. Prob even faster than me shaking out a quilt! So just ASK your SO to do this for you in service to the relationship and TLC mode. He can think it weird just like I think it is weird on hubby quilts. And he can do it anyway as a gesture of loving/kind behavior.

If he's not willing to do this -- ask why. "Weird" is not a reason. "Broken fingers" is a reason.

You have the right in your relationship to ASK things. Your partner may or may not comply, but you have the right to ask.

I didn't leave to be with SO, I went cross country to see my just-had-a-baby-sister. I called every night I was gone to check in by voice (not text, hate text because I have joint probs with hands. Tiny cel phone keys are evil.) I would do same with an SO -- check in by phone or email from a laptop keyboard.

If he hates texting as much as me he could offer a happy medium compromise. "I cannot do smiley texts. I hate texting. How about a phone call instead? Or Email?"


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