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Originally Posted by smokymtngirl85 View Post

I am the person who identifies as poly. My partners each identify as monogamous. Both are okay with me being poly.

My husband (we are legally married) is monogamous and has no other partners; its just me. We have 3 kids.

My fiance (we are 100% committed and planning to have a wedding/handfasting soon) is monogamous and has no other partners; its just me. We want to have a child in the future.

My fiance & my husband are NOT partners. Just friends.

We will not be branching out of this V. There will be no new or additional partners at any time.

As we grow more committed and i will by "married" to both partners by 2014, we share decisions, children, money, etc.

Why not just tell them this?
Like LR says, I would not use all those poly-terms with people wo are new to the whole concept. Start simple, with the things you wrote in that list. Then if they have questions, tell them more.
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