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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
If you're looking for some support, my vote is Yes: Go ahead and get a 4th sexual partner!! Yay!
Hi MeeraReed, thanks... it's real nice to know someone on the other side of the planet is rooting for me to get me some more sex

I've been in touch with BGuy since the date, and he really seems like a great guy... even though he knows it is definitely not a certainty that we'll end up in bed together (and he's not looking for a relationship,only for a FWB type of thing) he still says he wants to get to know me, values my friendship, etc. And I believe him. Anyway, I proposed a date in January to 'further explore'and suggested we'd meet somewhere private (which means not in a bar). He says he's looking forward to it and so am I

I did discuss it with C., well not this particular specific situation, more like 'what would happen if we had sex with someone else'. I realized he's not going to give me the assurance and boundaries that I would like, but what he does give me, I can live with. What it means, concretely, is that I would not feel guilty if I slept with someone else... and that I would tell him afterwards.

Other stuff: the poly meet up was a disaster. Really not for me. What bothered me the most that it was a sort of clinical setting.. a group of 20 people in a circle under some bright lights, well excuse me but I don't think that is the right environment to discuss your sex and love life.

I have a plan of my own.. I want to get in touch with a bunch of women from a local poly dating site, women my age and with approximately the same level of poly experience, to start a women's group. We would meet in someones home with a pot of tea and a bottle of wine.. and share.


I've talked to my parents a couple of times since The Talk, and while we don't have any real discussions about it, it makes me very happy that they also don't give it the silent treatment. I told my mom I went somewhere and she said: 'did you go by yourself? or with your friend from [his city]?'- which, in my family, is really major since we never talk or mention anything remotely personal. So no second thoughts about telling them, at all.

C. is on his way for his second sleepover-while-husband-is-also-present, I haven't seen him in 2 weeks and I am very much looking forward to seeing him. And finally, in some other good news, the friend with the affair told her husband, and she's now going through a really rough time but she's honest to everyone in her life, which means I can talk to her and support her and cry with her and be there for her, now that the secret is no longer suffocating our friendship.

So basically there's not much drama to report from the Cleo front, just happily poly-ing along...
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