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The date sounds perfect!

I agree with Meera that, in my case, there would probably be a bit more conversation about what's going on in the rest of their lives/ with their other partners - but that may be because MrS and Dude were best friends for several years before I even met Dude.

As for this:
Originally Posted by PolyLinguist View Post
I am not sure about some of the gift-giving limitations, women so love to show off baubles offered by admirers. But I know this, and wouldn't want to disappoint such a lovely partner.
I don't wear jewelry and hate it when people buy me "stuff" that I don't need and haven't asked for. MrS and I stopped buying "occasion" (Birthday/Christmas/etc.) gifts for each other 15 years ago and Dude and I never started. (MrS and Dude will occasionally buy "funny" gifts for me or each other if it will get a laugh.)

I'll read on to see how others responded...


PS. I see that others addressed the gift-giving/love languages stuff.

PPS. I'm slowly training Dude out of his habit of generalizing "All women like..." (chocolate, ice cream, flowers, gifts, "shiny things", cuddling after sex) - as I don't like ANY of those things.
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