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Default Giggles and silliness with Wolf

Not all things were sad yesterday. Here's a fun bit.

Wolf and I had planned to walk to school Thursday morning. we were leaving later then planned, and walked out the door to find that it was drizzling, well misting actually. So I told her we'd take the car. I don't remember the whole conversation as I started out giving her just half an ear. I was still thinking about the conversation with Airyn while I was at work.

Eventually our conversation turned silly. I told Wolf that I'm tired and grumpy. That I'm always tired and grumpy.

Wolf: Your only grumpy sometimes mom.

Me: Nope I'm always grumpy <Exaggerated angry face>

Wolf: <giggling> You are grumpy a lot.

Me: Get it right I'm always grumpy and don't you tell any one any different. You tell them your mom's a scary angry lady, and don't mess with her. <more exaggerated angry face>

Wolf <more Giggles> ok your always scary grumpy.

We talked more in the car about how she is treated by other people at school, mostly she just wanted an ear to listen, and to hear her mom tell her that she can be mean and rude back when the situation warrants it. She won't be rude, or mean, she a good kid and just wants to make friends. She does however enjoy it when I tell her to say the ridiculous thing.

Like when some one asks her an inappropriate questions I told her once that instead of answer their question she should ask what hand they wipe there ass with. lol, that brought a smile to a tear filled face. Today I was telling her that when someone is being unreasonable, and ridged she needs to remember that she is open minded. That she can tell them she has friends that are as closed minded as they are, and it won't hurt her to not have another one. That she should tell these people that she is different, that she is weird. That weird is better then normal, who wants to be normal, everyone else is normal. Weird is pretty cool.They are missing out on getting to know someone who is different if they chose to stick to their ridge attitudes. She isn't missing anything as she already has people in her life that are like that.

These conversation make her smile.

On the way home she and I were walking, no drizzling this time. She asked what I was thinking about. I hadn't been paying attention tothe conversation. I admitted that i had a lot on my mind. Told her I was thinging about holiday, and b-day gifts that I still need to get. Then I said:

Me: I told on you to my brother today. I told him you were making fun of me and my grumpy anger.

Wolf: <Giggling> Which brother?

ME: My brother with my dad

Wolf: You have a lot of brothers, your like the only girl.

Me: What about my sister? Is (new nickname) Mustache a brother too?

Wolf: <Giggling> Yep Mustache is a brother.

Me: Ohhh I'm telling her you said that.

Wolf: Giggling

Me: texting my sister - "Wolf told me I have a lot of brothers, and I'm like the only girl. I said what about you, or are you a brother too? She said yep she's a brother too. Then told me I was very guyish too. O.o" <end text>

Wolf: <Laughing> She will probably relate that to Cheese or poop, she alsways relates things to Cheese or Poop. Cheesy poop. Poopy cheese!

Me: lol yeah probabaly.

Text from Mustache: HAHAHAHAHAHahahahahaha
I'm a man!

Wolf: <still chattering on> And if she ever gets a pet she should name is Cheese.

Me: well that's better then poop. Oh let see what Mustache said.
<Reading text to Wolf>

Me Texting back: lol, Wolf says if you get a pet you should name it cheese! and she said YEP Mustache you are a man. hahahahahaha

Me and Wolf: Laughing over the silly

Text from Mustache: But Charlie isn't cheese.

Me texting back: Hahahaha

Charlie is Mustache's pet gerbal. lol

Then we get home, Airyn and Chipmunk are out again. they decided to walk to Chipmunk's store and do some more shopping, and to let Chipmunk talk some more. By this point she wasn't angry at me any more, and had shown me the things she purchased, and told me what was for Wolf, versus her family members.

After a little while I tell Wolf that I can't stay up and wait on them to get home, that I really need sleep. We give each other bed time hugs, and I go to my room. When Chipmunk and Airyn get home Airyn comes to check on me. Seeing how I'm feeling, and then telling me to get some sleep, and he'll check in on me again later.
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