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Originally Posted by rory View Post
(I should maybe let this be my last contribution to this thread, since I am too triggered by the sexism to contribute much useful to the actual content. Best of luck.)
Thanks. I feel the same and I am just dumbstruck how all those things that have been talked about here may even be in some way a problem for someone out there. I don't get it at all. Not the slightest. Maybe I am living in some kind of secluded area of Europe (as the OP mentioned that Europeans work this or that way) but all those problems never came to my mind and I don't know any people facing them.

In general, I have to second rory, that bit raised a brow in my case as well. And I don't think that basic assumptions about 'how men/women are' or 'what men/women want' won't impact on your dating approach. After you have given your name and the overall info you will act accordingly to what you assume the other person is expecting of you and there you are, attracting people that obviously will fall in the catergories you have just described.

But well, wishing you luck for your search.
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