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Thanks NyCindie and Cleo, good to know that apparently it's not just me who's hit by this kind of irrationality from time to time.


I've got so many things I'm happy about right now. Totally overwhelmed by joy, in fact.

Alec starting work has brought two really big benefits:
- our financial situation is expected to slowly recover and I no longer feel that constant stress and fear
- we get along sooooo much better now that we are not constantly stressed out and he is not bored out of his mind etc. shocker, huh?

Other things:
- My studies are going very well and I'm enjoying the hell out of them
- I was talking with Mya and we both feel our relationship is totally amazing. We are getting loads out of it and, though more time would be a bonus, don't feel we are missing anything. Plus, I'm meeting her today, yay!
- There's been a tough work situation with a colleague for a while, and yesterday I finally managed to communicate it properly to my boss. While I don't know what the consequences will be, I feel so much better for having been taken seriously and for getting it off my chest. And at least there's now hope that something will be done about it.
- I'll soon have a month-long break from the University, and also some time off from work (perhaps even a couple of weeks). Perfection!
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