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Originally Posted by PolyLinguist View Post
After lunch the couple will repair to the most convenient secluded location – someone’s apartment or house, a hotel room if there is no better solution, and make love. It was taken for granted from the very beginning that they will do this – if for some reason she can’t, she either doesn’t accept the invitation in the first place, or explain – very sweetly – why she can’t. No man likes to be kept on tenderhooks about such things, or feel that he has to go through hoops every time.
In case you were wondering, it is these kind of remarks (besides the gift stuff others have commented on) that give the sexist wibe. The assumption that if somebody's gonna not want to have sex, it will be the woman; and the basic thing where going on a date or accepting an invitation to spend time together privately with a man means you owe him sex. Yuck.

(I should maybe let this be my last contribution to this thread, since I am too triggered by the sexism to contribute much useful to the actual content. Best of luck.)
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