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Default two steps back

So, after all the positive things that happened last night, I feel like I really lost it with my wife tonight. The cumulative stresses of what my wife told me, combined with a severely strained relationship with my mother currently produced a vulnerable and irrational series of thoughts that came out in verbal obsession about everything that's going on.

Not a very attractive quality, i know. My wife demonstrated some patience, but then she just lost it on me and told me to "suck it up". I wasn't ready to hear that kind of "tough love" from her and I broke down. Of course, she was frustrated with me and offered little in the way of comfort.

This is so damn hard. I wish I had someone to talk with and I feel very alone in all this. I feel like I'm failing at trying to be understanding. I think I could handle any other kind of adversity, but seem to lack the strength to face my best friend's callous attitude right now.
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