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I have always heard the term polyfidelitous as meaning faithful to the poly group. Never really hear anyone use polyfaithful or polyexclusive -- and polytrothic is a completely new one to me! Never heard that before. BTW, we have a Glossary and Definitions thread.

I would keep it simple and use terms that are already known. You don't have to use poly-anything. I imagine you can say something like, "[Spouse] and I want you to know we are not monogamous. Non-exclusivity is something we both agreed upon. I have an additional romantic partner who is very important to me, and [spouse] is aware and supportive of that. I am not cheating on him. We are still as committed to each other as we always were, just not to monogamy. I am also committed to my relationship with [boyfriend]. If you have any questions, please ask." That's how I would express it, anyway. Leave the fancy words out of it unless someone else brings it up (for example, they may have seen something about it on TV and might ask, "Oh, are you polyamorous like on that show?")
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