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Originally Posted by ladyjools View Post
I feel like i am going to have some difficult times on my hands
she is going to crazy extreems saying that she thinks R must be some kind of predetor or criminal (due to him being 10 years older than me)
Oh Jools... do we have the same mother?! Mine thought Mono was a child molester and told our family doctor. We were directed to have our boy taken in for examination...

She sounds a lot like mine. DANGEROUS! be careful my friend. No kids is probably in your favor, but she can do other damage to his name (my mum didn't stop short of just the one thing. She said all kinds of nasty things to people about Mono!).

Does he really have to move in? Can he not move into a roommate situation? or on his own until the family settles? Geezuz, I'm scared for you. When parents start talking like that it's SCARY not to mention crazy. My mum got all kinds of crazy notions in her head.

I hate to sound paranoid, but as I was la-de-daing through my NRE thinking Mono could move in and wouldn't it be great to tell the world about how happy we are and all cozy familyish, she was losing it and our world ended up collapsing around us. It's taken months to sort out and still isn't entirely.

I'm just asking that you check that you aren't a bit NRE about the whole thing first. Sure it would be great to have all your guys together, but I just don't want to see it cost you your extended family as it did with me. Ya, we have a child, but Mono doesn't live with us.... kinda evens out, kinda...

anyway, perhaps I'm over reacting. If I am GREAT! If not though..... just check with yourself and go over what she is like in your head first and ask if this is the right time yet and what you maybe should do first.
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