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Originally Posted by Love2Bake View Post
Of course he is going to side with his wife. Why would you ever expect anything less? You would expect your husband to side with you, no?
Perhaps not of the most significant instances that let me know that MrS was OK with my relationship with Dude was when he led me aside and told me that I was beng an irrational BITCH when it came to one of Dude's triggers that I insisted on pushing (that I strongly disagreed with).

Why? Because it let me know that MrS supported my relationship with Dude and was willing to support and encourage rational behavior even if it pissed me off at the time. A spouse is not required to "side" with their spouse in all matters - if their spouse is wrong it is their obligation (in my opinon) to point it out (gently and with compassion...if possible...not so much in my case, it takes a hammer...I am stubborn )

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