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It's not even necessarily as big as a date night, nor is it mumbo jumbo. There's a HUGE difference between MC and I sitting in the living room on our respective phones/computers surfing the 'net and the two of us sitting in the living room watching one of our favorite programs together, commenting on it as we go. In the latter scenario we are connecting, in the former we are not. If we've had plenty of connection time lately, fine, we don't need to think about whether we are doing things together or separately. If we haven't (And with work, kids, and the time I spend with TGIB, it's likely we haven't so much) then we need to put more thought and intention into the time we spend together, rather than just spacing out for the 2 hours between when the kids go to bed and when we go to bed. It can be as simple as talking while we fold the laundry and do dishes, rather than one of us folding the laundry in one room while the other does dishes in another room. The same chores get done, but the amount and QUALITY of our time together makes a difference in how connected we feel to each other at any given time (assuming there has been a lack lately. Maybe you've never felt like you haven't spent enough time lately paying attention to your spouse or kids. Good for you. I feel it all the time, and this is after 15 years together.)
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