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Originally Posted by Love2Bake View Post
Of course he is going to side with his wife. Why would you ever expect anything less? You would expect your husband to side with you, no?
Umm, because it sounds like the wife is insane? Because she has imagined things that never existed (like the OP yelling at one of the men), is nursing grievances until they erupt, rather than communicating about them, and is basically acting abusive and bat-shit crazy?

I don't know what your marriage is like, honey, but while I want my husband AND my partner to validate my feelings at any given time (perhaps especially if my feelings are irrational) I also want them to let me know when I've grown too angry/irrational for a given situation. If I have to be talked down off a ledge, they better be the FIRST two lining up to do it, not sticking their heads in the sand because they're afraid of confrontation and don't want to rock the boat. The OP had every right to think that his professed love was strong enough to at least have him make an effort to deal with his drama-queen, butt-hurt wife, rather than escaping to the next potential partner.
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