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I have a beautiful 18 year old daughter. I got pregnant on the pill AND he used a condom!!! I was also using spermicide. The chances were supposed to be less than 1%. But when its YOU, the chances are meaningless. Your not 1% pregnant.

I would *never* ever have sex with someone without protection, who is sleeping with other people. Are you seriously asking this?? I guess you don't know many people who have HIV. Or who KNOW they have HIV. That is a ridiculous question. WHY add additional risk? Your health is at stake!!! No, girl. No. I would not bring this up. Because I'd be worried about diseases so I wouldnt have sex without a condom.

I am OCD about hand washing. I can't imagine being that lackadaisical about sexual protection. Yikes.

*wraps you in a body condom*

**Runs like hell**
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