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Default communal norms

Though 'Pagan' can be associated with more open minded thoughts, it's really about the group dynamic. As pagan Vitki and Christian Minister I've seen the positive and negative playout in both groups equally. True Christians - after all - would never judge another human for the choices they would make. True Pagans should always remain openminded to the wealth of spiritual ideologies playing out across the Pagan culture. Wicca - in all its forms, Odhinism - in all its forms, and on and on - all have acceptances of sexual practice and ritual. So it becomes more about the group dynamic, and how the natural leaders lead by behavior and example. When I lead in Pagan practice I always show the importance of embracing that which is else would we gain in knowledge? As Christian I lead the same way...Christ's example was spot on - do no harm, do not judge, love unconditionally those brothers and sisters you understand the least. Always always embrace with love.
Look to the leaders of your group for clues about expected behaviors, and allow them to guide and make mistakes equally. And remain committed to your personal life choices, because those bring us the bliss of ever closer union with Divine. Isnt that what we all truthfully seek?
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