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Originally Posted by PolyLinguist View Post

As for the five ways of giving love, I'll get to that discussion some other time. I do consider such things mumbo-jumbo - the inclusion of "quality time" is a red flag for me. I encountered it when I was raising my kinds, and it made me angry. All time spent with your kids is quality time. If I study Japanese while they play on Nintendo it is quality time - they know their father is trying to maintain his intelligence rather than let it run down, and this will make them think (eventually). It is hard to imagine what time I spend in the company of my wife would not be quality time. When I sleep, maybe? Or take a shower?
I thought the same thing about the "quality time" bit. But I chose to interpret it as "one-on-one" time or "special" time. Still, if they meant those things, they could have said those things instead. It isn't a thing for me personally, since I believe it is possible to show affection without actually being with someone in person, and maybe you're that way too, but for some people it is a big deal to have their "date night" or to go out for dinner on their anniversary or Valentine's day.
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