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Originally Posted by APAcircleofthree View Post
Our son is 15. Some of my concerns fall on deaf ears at time, as my husband says he needs to meet my metamour, in order for all of us to move forward. I have asked quite often for him to slow things down, again, the response is it needs to be right for him (us) in order to move forward.
Well, is your husband the boss of you? Why the hell does he think it is more important for your son to meet his girlfriend before you do? You are the mother of his child! You get a say, certainly, and if it bothers you a lot, as you say it does, then stand up for yourself.

And moving forward doesn't have to mean moving fast. You are already moving forward by virtue of the fact that you consented to be in a poly arrangement after so many years of monogamy. Where is his compassion for you? Is she pressuring him? Something stinks here.
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