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Originally Posted by Numina View Post
He believes that her moving out will amplify this feeling of secondness, will reduce their daily contact to occasional few days a week, and that she'll end it over his inattention and proximity. . . .
A few days a week is inattention? I would call it a normal boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Living together right off the bat is what is odd. Anyway, if she moved out and had to be self-sufficient, and then broke up with Airyn because of that, it would only prove she's just using him for a place to stay. Why would he want to still be involved with someone like that anyway? I question this love of theirs, seriously.

Originally Posted by Numina View Post
Part of why she is still with us is because she wants to not have to make it on her own. She wants someone else to take care of her so she doesn't have to.
Yeah... she doesn't have a boyfriend. She has a daddy that she fucks in order to avoid the real world.

Sorry for such harsh words.

Originally Posted by Numina View Post
I really don't see that I am being unreasonable.
LOL, no, honey, being unreasonable is certainly not your downfall! I think it's exactly your reasonableness that makes your blog a bit difficult to read. I think many of us wish you would get angry a little more often. I could never put up with everything you put up with, and I don't know many others who would, either. Hang in there! Maybe Airyn will open his eyes and see what's really going on, without blaming you.
The world opens up... when you do.

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