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Default oh hallo! from the midwestern US

Hey everyone,

I'm extremely new here and just starting to find my way around, but this seems like as good a place to begin as any (though I've also started trying to tackle those "golden nugget" threads).

I'm a twenty three-year-old bi (or pan, if you want to get fancy about it) (cis)lady and student, and I'm currently in a if I'm getting my vocabulary right, here triad with a man (straight) and woman (bi), both thirty. We met through a gaming club that's hosted at my university, and what began as a one-off threesome (with me as the third) quickly became a friends-with-benefits relationship, and we eventually realized that we all meant much more to each other than that. We've been seeing one another since last August, but only decided to "officially" commit to each other this summer. Recently, my partners, who live together and were dating for several years before I entered the picture, got engaged but that's a whole separate can of worms that I think I'll save for a different thread! (I'm extremely happy for them, it's just, you know, complicated.)

I joined this forum because I'm new to the poly lifestyle and I could really use a source of support and advice as I navigate it, so I'm excited to meet everyone here. c:
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