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I don't see anything unusual in the arrangement you describe. Why do you think women wouldn't go for it? I am completely puzzled. It sounds like a lovely date.

As for your comment that women want to show off gifts from their "admirers," do you seriously think all women expect such things? I don't. Sure, if someone gave me a nice gift, I'd be happy, but getting gifts or being treated to dinner is not how I determine whether I am being treated well by someone. I'm in my early 50s and discovered that guys today generally don't treat women to drinks or dinner anymore. Since becoming separated I don't date if I can't afford to pay myself, because the norm seems to be that we "go Dutch." Recently, I went on a date and the guy paid for dinner - it was a complete shock to me, as I did not expect it and no one has done that in a long time.

I'd rather someone listen to me when I talk, be willing to be affectionate, connect with me on a heart level, and be a considerate lover. I can buy my own baubles.
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