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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
thank you for all your replies. Slowly the naturalness of showing affection is coming through in my "v" and leaving it all alone has helped. While camping i got hammock time with my boyfriend and tent time with my husband. My husband is aware that I need time with my boyfriend and allows that space... asks us when we are going away for a weekend and when we are going to celebrate different things together etc. I don't feel comfortable showing my boyfriend affection around my son, but it is early days yet anyway. it's all coming along nicely.... thanks again!

The important thing to rememebr is that I don't feel left out or ignored. I simply love being with Redpepper alone or with her family. I have no issues with keeping intimate moments private. Because I am here for the long haul, I don't feel the need to get as much of Redpepper as I can all at once. I'm happy to love her in different ways depending on the environment. I feel a little sad for those that need more because I am sure it is frustrating.
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