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Default Dazed and Confused

My back story is long, winded, actually, so I won't get into it unless I'm asked.

I am very new to this. This new journey of life was started by an emotional affair 8 months ago. We made it this far, and I am pleased to say that.

He only looked into this "way of life" because he was so confused about how he was feeling about another woman. We've been married 16+ years, and to be honest when he told me he loved another woman, and the connection they had was intense, he said he really didn't know what to do, I didn't know either. He told me he loved me, no less than the day I found out and didn't want a divorce or to break up our family. But... he really wants to share his life and love with her also.

Both of us women, mono! So it's a Vee relationship that is "trying" to be formed. I am having problems emotionally, but have come a long way. I understand we both love him, and want to be apart of his life. The problem is that only after 8 months, they are planning on a commitment ceremony, and he wants me to acknowledge her as a co-wife. Right now I can't do that, and that reason is because I have not met her yet. Our son is meeting her tomorrow, and that bothers me... a lot! So, the ceremony and him introducing her to our son is bothering me, and I am looking for quideance on how to deal with this, as I think it is moving so fast.

Thank you!
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