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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
If I may slip into my pseudo-intellectual cosplay for a moment: the stratification in the different groups that enjoy Trek or Wars more is interesting because you can end up with a situation where a person is at a con dressed like Spock only to spot another person carrying a lightsaber and say, "Look at that fuckin' geek!"
Laugh :-)

Originally Posted by Helo View Post
That aside, if you want to see real unity between the Trekkies and the...Warriors(?) admit to hating both. I cant stand either one and when people hear that you can hear a fucking pin drop in the room. Then someone starts passing out the torches and pitchforks, kinda goes downhill from there.
Lol :-). Well, I like both a fair amount but I respect your beliefs on the matter :-p.

Originally Posted by Helo View Post
I've seen most of Star Trek and Star Wars and I just...cant stand either one; Trek is horrendously classist and hypocritical, Wars has a "meh" storyline and truly unlikable characters.
I will say that my favourite Star Trek series was TNG. Oh, sure, Dax is super hot, as well as that vulcan in the Enterprise series, but in terms of storyline, TNG was definitely my favourite.

Originally Posted by Helo View Post
I can usually find shelter with the Browncoats...until they figure out I dont watch Dr. Who and am "meh" on LOTR and then I'm told that I can sleep in the backyard. But I guess the backyard is better than the street XD
Lol :-). I liked the Dr. Who music and I still remember a scene in one of the episodes quite clearly (it involved a still living head attached to an tunnel excavator), but I didn't watch the original much; it was simply a little too scary for me generally (the original series ended when I was about 14).
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